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Carbing Aluminium F Tower Bar w/Master C Stopper CT9A/CT9W

Carbing Aluminium F Tower Bar w/Master C Stopper CT9A/CT9W

Strut Tower Bar is a standard item for body reinforcement. It will stabilize suspension’s behaviour by preventing body from twisting at cornering. This is particularly effective with old models. Fitting a Strut Tower Bar to front section of a car will improve steering response, and also improve controllability of the car when fitted at the rear section as rear section’s behaviour becomes more recognizable. Installations of these are easy, prices are reasonable, and most of all enhance your car’s appearance.

CARBING strut bars are fully welded, creating extremely high rigidity and reducing weight. Every single product is welded by our skilled and experienced welders by hand. As a result, the beautiful weld line finish shows our commitment to the best quality.

Carbing tower bar brackets use 4.5-5.0mm thick base plate for enough strength and rigidity. It is designed to fit perfectly to the vehicle strut tower bar top without any gap between the for each application to eliminate any play from vehicle vibration.

Okuyama (Carbing) product welding has some force release points that are determined by experience. This non complete welding releases stress caused by various driving conditions that may cause any accidents like cracks. Owing to our force release points, the damage to the one side is reduced if there is any hit on the other side.

Master Cylinder Stopper regulates the unwanted movement of itself during driving. This results in better feel and touch of the brake pedal. Master Cylinder Stopper is best suited for the driver wanting to have quick and direct control of brake.

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