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Do-Luck G Sensor R33 GT-R

Do-Luck G Sensor R33 GT-R

When cornering, braking or accelerating, it is paramount that your car handles at it’s best and the ECU knows exactly what the car is doing beneath you. With the Do-Luck G-Sensor, the best performance is guaranteed every time.

By digitally reading the G-force and communicating the longitudinal and lateral forces back to the ECU, the ECU can work out where more power is needed, engaging and disengaging power to the front and rear wheels as necessary.

But with the standard G-sensor you can get a delay. As the standard part is an analogue component, the readings of G changes can be delayed so the car may not be running as efficiently as possible.

But as the Do-Luck G-Sensor is digital, there is no delay whatsoever between G force changes and ongoing handling adjustment. This high response time ensures that whenever you brake, accelerate or corner, the Do-Luck G-Sensor quickly records G-force accurately, instantly relaying this to the on-board ECU to effectively control braking and handling in accordance with the differing road or track conditions.

With two different types available – street and circuit spec – there is no alternative to improving handling immediately than with the digital Do-Luck G-Sensor. Whether you want to improve your cars’ performance at speed on track, or whether you just want to enjoy a better Sunday drive.

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