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HKS Piston and Conrod set Step 2 R35 GT-R

HKS Piston and Conrod set Step 2 R35 GT-R

The HKS Forged Piston Kit and Connection Rod Set Step 2 is a full set
including the top quality pistons and connection rods from HKS.
This kit is a perfect choice to be used with the HKS GT800 Package to
properly upgrade the engine and bring out all the potential of your vehicle.


- Factory replacement type piston & connecting rods kit with the standard
bore size.
- Higher reliability thanks to in-house HKS engineering
- To avoid piston land breakage, HKS pistons are made with forged material instead of casting like the factory pistons.
The shape of STEP 2 is the same as STEP 1.
- HKS In-house test at 900PS confirmed the durability and safety.
- The setting range is widened by reducing the pressure rate from 9.0
factory rate to 8.7. This is effective to increase the engine output using the aluminium block specs and/or bigger cylinder bore.
- STEP2 pistons recess is 1mm deeper than a stock to best use with the
STEP2 camshaft.

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(£3,000.00 ex VAT)


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