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MINES R35 Steering Wheel

MINES R35 Steering Wheel

Mine's R35 GT-R Original Racing Steering Wheel is made of a combination of the highest quality leather and alcantara leather. The grips top and bottom are composed of Nappa Leather, leather used in many of European Luxury cars.

Nappa leather is tanned with chromium salts and is generally acknowledged as the best quality leather noted for its beauty, softness and durability.

The grip position is covered with Alcantara leather or man made suede, chosen for its feel and good gripping characteristics. Needless to say, the material for this steering wheel were selected to complement the design as well as the functionality of the steering wheel. Originality comes with the "D" shape and size being downsized 5mm compared to stock while the grips are comfortably thicker.

With the selection of material and the shape, a high sense of style and sportiness are produced with this GT-R Steering Wheel.

Stitch color : Red or Grey




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