Exedy: Hyper Compe R Twin Plate Clutch Assembly: Evo I - III

Exedy: Hyper Compe R Twin Plate Clutch Assembly: Evo I - III

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The ultra-light metal multi-plate Compe-R for racing cars was developed with a focus on those interested in circuit time attack events and Gymkhana. This field proven performer has posted numerous wins and boasts excellent reliability in a variety of leading categories. Exceptionally fast shifting and the lowest possible weight are the features of this model.


- High rigidity and low inertia aluminium forged clutch cover.
- Lightweight and low inertia drive boss and chromium molybdenum flywheel.
- Thinner centre plates improve the disengagement under high rotation.
- Lightweight and low inertia clutch plates with optimized metal button configuration improve shift feel and direct engagement characteristics, reducing shifting time lag.
- A longer spline hub is utilized, reducing surface pressure on the transmission input shaft teeth subsequently reducing wear on the shaft.
- Conventional clutch discs disengage by sliding on the input shaft. The centre hub design, improves disengagement response.
- No alignment of splined hubs is necessary which allows ease of maintenance and transmission fitment.
- For Evo Models I - III.

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