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Greddy Nissan SR20 Oil Pan

Greddy Nissan SR20 Oil Pan

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Price Ex. VAT £335.69
Price Inc. VAT £402.83

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The Trust Greddy oil pan upgrade kit uses a baffle to prevent oil from leaning or jumping during head cornering, acceleration or deceleration.

FEATURES When the vehicle is on the corner or the time of acceleration and deceleration, oil in the oil pan will lean or jump. To prevent these to happen, a baffle is assembled in the pan of stock engine. Though, in terms of sports driving, it is almost impossible to achieve its purpose because the size of the baffle is restricted to cut down the production cost. If oil flows to one side, air goes into the pipe instead of oil and interrupts the continuous oil lubrication. Without oil, metal surfaces will contact directly with each other, then the temperature rises, causing wear.

On the other hand, Trusts movable baffle plate is made to achieve stable oil lubrication at any situations such as curving, acceleration, and deceleration. And it will secure the improvement of engine performance from street use to the drag racing or circuit run.

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