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HKS: Actuator Upgrade Kit: Evo X

HKS: Actuator Upgrade Kit: Evo X

Stock Code14030-AM001
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As a world’s leading tuning parts manufacturer, HKS have full line of products for both professional tuning and light tuning. HKS products are made in Japan at our factory for the exquisite quality and safe standard. HKS offers the best tuning products for the best driving experience.

Details of this specific product are as follows:

A stock extension is designed to merge the main port (turbine exhaust) and bypass port (wastegate actuator) in turbine exhaust housing. This causes the exhaust stream from the main port to interfere with the bypass port stream when the actuator is opened. The primary and secondary exhaust pressure will rise causing the boost pressure to drop, which can cause a loss in power.

The HKS Extension Kit will optimize the turbines performance with minimal power loss.

By just installing the kit to normal turbine, you can get more power, and it's very cost-effective.

Easy power up:
You can get more power and higher boost just by changing the normal turbine installed actuator.

You can use existing turbine for the first step of the tune-up.

Adjustable boost pressure:
You can adjust boost pressure for your needs with rod that is installed to the actuator by expansion and contraction.

When you just want to increase the supercharging pressure, there is risk of damaging the engine by fuel insufficiency. So for the high supercharging pressure setting, you should use fuel cut defender (FCD) or fuel control system (F-con).

For Evo Model X.

Stock images used. Actual product may vary.

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