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A new product - J’s Racing “Hyper Cooling Water”

● Superior heat exchange efficiency

With Propylene Glycol blended to the ideal 55 %, the newly developed Hyper Cooling Water has a significantly better heat-absorbing property and cools your car’s engine very effectively.

The Hyper Cooling Water was developed specifically for racing cars and for the tuning cars with very high horsepower. This ultimate cooling power is the result of a superb combination of 55 % Propylene Glycol, pure water (frequently used for Formula 1 engine), and the J’s Racing special additives.

Its superior property absorbs the engine heat very efficiently and slows down the water temperature increase. It also radiates the heat rapidly an In addition, its excellent heat radiation property reduce the water temperature quickly and stabilize it during a cooling lap session.

● Unbeatable anti-freeze property

Hyper Cooling Water has successfully reduced the freezing point further than the conventional cooling water. The freezing point of the product is -40C. You can use it with confidence even in an arctic region of the world.

(Do not dilute the product)

● Higher cooling function with less cavitation

Another noticeable property of the Hyper Cooling Water is its ability to control the bubble. With this product the bubble is smaller and easily dissolved. The cavitation by the water pump is minimum.

By preventing cavitation, the radiator functions at the maximum efficiency and the engine is protected from a possible damage.

● Long product life

The recommended Hyper Cooling Water change interval is about 2 years, which is longer than the conventional coolant.

※ Depending on the vehicle model and usage, the water change interval might vary.

● Uncompromising attitude – Made in Japan

With the complete quality control in mind, we have done everything in Japan from the ingredient blending, component choice, product finish, to all the manufacturing processes.

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