JS-RACING: S2000 C304 SUS Exhaust system dual 60RS

JS-RACING: S2000 C304 SUS Exhaust system dual 60RS

Stock CodeC304W-S1-60RS

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Feedback titanium FX technique that has gotten a good reputation, is a stainless steel muffler that achieves a reliable response and power-ups. The center pipe in the set, the main pipe diameter by a 60φ, has become a focus on the characteristics of the medium and high speed range without sacrificing low-speed range. And the throttle response is improved by the torque-up, you can feel comfortably the VTEC engine in town riding.

In stainless peculiar high-pitched sound quality, relaxed pleasant sound of straight structure unique is characterized. The moment you enter the VTEC, play such a high-pitched tone will increase the feeling of exaltation.

In addition, by removing the inner silencer is a closed course such as Circuit, and promise to further power-up and response up.

Using SUS304 stainless steel tube having a thickness of 1.2mm in the main pipe (silencer portion 1 mm). Use the thinned flange to the limit, was further finish to lightweight by the stay part in a hollow structure. Further improve the exercise performance at the time of the sports run by the weight of to the limit, you can be dramatically up the car's potential along with the power-up.

The silencer part, in addition to a mirror finish by buffing, like gradation is beautiful, such as titanium "Blue Polished" has undergone a.

JS-RACING: S2000 C304 SUS Exhaust system dual 60RS

Part Number: C304W-S1-60RS

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