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J'sRacing: FK8 Low Temp Thermostat

J'sRacing: FK8 Low Temp Thermostat

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Operating temperature 65 ° C (genuine 78 ° C) Full opening temperature 75 ° C (genuine 90 ° C) In

HONDA cars of high power engines, water temperature and engine power are closely related, and as the water temperature rises, ECU increases fuel and ignition timing Take countermeasures for avoiding crisis such as retardation (correction MAP), and a sudden power down will start.

This product sets the valve opening temperature (the temperature at which the main valve (water gate) starts opening ") lower than the normal thermostat and circulates the cooling water earlier to the radiator, so that the water temperature is constantly maintained at an ideal temperature of 75 ° C.- It becomes possible to set it around 85 ° C, it is possible to suppress and prevent power down, heat sag, knocking and extract the original engine power.

From the normal radiator to the super rugged entry vehicle and other racing cars can also be installed with full bolt on.

High power HONDA essential mounting parts that does not choose the stage for cars

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