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PF 13: Front Brake Pad Set: Alcon 343 / 365mm: Evo 4-10

PF 13: Front Brake Pad Set: Alcon 343 / 365mm: Evo 4-10

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13 Compound is a new generation of ultimate high bite—high friction.. 13 compounds were developed from 01 compound with increased bite, modulation, with superior disc conditioning and release characteristics for exceptional control. Ultra smooth and great for tracks with high grip or high down force cars. This material won its first race on its first outing - it’s that good. It is the ultimate combination of high bite and infinite control. 13’s wear is par with PFC’s legendary 01 compound. Will operate at higher temperatures if called too as .13 has a very high threshold for fade resistance. .13 has shown of all the high bite, high torque pads in the market to have one of the lowest taper wear in a properly designed race caliper.

Recommended Applications:

- Ideal use for sprint and severe applications.
- Heavy, fast cars or high down-force cars where bite at first 3rd of the stop is desired.

For Evo Models IV - X.

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