Wiseco: Asymetric Forged Piston Kit (2.3L, 2.2LR Stroker & 2.0LR): Evo I - IX (9 : 1)

Wiseco: Asymetric Forged Piston Kit (2.3L, 2.2LR Stroker & 2.0LR): Evo I - IX (9 : 1)

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After nearly 70 years in the business, the name Wiseco has become synonymous with pistons, especially pistons for off-road racing and riding. Wiseco has attained that instant brand recognition by being one of the few manufacturers of forged pistons within the USA.

Details of these specific pistons are as follows:

The asymmetrical piston design has a significant advantage over traditional round designs, including reduced skirt width on the minor thrust side to help minimize piston contact with the cylinder wall, which causes friction and power loss; a shorter wristpin that reduces overall weight; internal/external bracing to provide more rigid construction; and most importantly, a significant weight reduction due to a combination of all three previously mentioned. A quick weight comparison between a Mitsubishi 4G63 traditional round piston and asymmetrical (both weighed with wristpins) showed a difference of 15 grams per piston, which is a huge deal in the performance world.

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